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Common Errors Made by Law Enforcement When Applying for and Executing Search Warrants

There are several common errors that can occur in search warrants, including:Lack of probable cause: The most significant error in a search warrant is when it lacks probable cause. Probable cause means that there must be sufficient evidence to support a belief that a crime has been committed, and the evidence sought will be found...

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By Branden

Branden is a Police Lieutenant who has investigated various crimes. He has written and executed multiple search warrants, conducted various protective sweeps, pat frisks and exit orders. He has been involved in numerous police vehicle chases, fights, disturbances, foot pursuits, suspect/hostage negotiations and felony stops. He is trained with an assortment of weapons. He has spoken with countless victims, witnesses and suspects and is using his experience to better protect our communities and loved ones by sharing his knowledge through his writings.