DNA Used To Connect the Final Victim of the Happy Face Killer To Her Family, CLAUDIA

The last unidentified victim of the Happy Face Killer was linked to a family in California who said they never knew her. When detectives contacted her relatives they expected to learn her name. But no one knew she even existed. 

DNA Used To Connect the Final Victim of the Happy Face Killer To Her Family
Keith Hunter Jesperson (AKA Happy Face Killer)

Summer Gonzales was shocked to learn she had a half-sister. Saddened to know the young woman had been killed by Kieth Hunter Jesperson aka the Happy Face Killer. 

“It would be nice to know her real name,” Gonzales said to national media outlets. 

Law enforcement said Jesperson killed her sometime in 1990s after she hitchhiked a ride from him. Her body was dumped along the side of a California highway. 

The Riverside County District Attorney, Michael Hestrin, said, “This woman is the last of all his victims to remain unidentified,” reported first by the Daily Mail. The police department is asking the public for help in identifying her. 

Kieth Hunter Jesperson confessed to killing around 160 people. Though law enforcement was able to connect him to eight. Dubbed by the media ‘The Happy Face Killer’ for placing smiling faces on his confessions, Jesperson is serving three consecutive life sentences in the Oregon State Penitentiary. 

Anyone with information may call the Cold Case Hotline at (951) 955 5567 and speak with a representative from the Riverside County District Attorney’s office

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By Jolene Grace

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