New information in the murder investigation of Jared Bridegan, the gunned down Microsoft exec, turns the heat on his ex-wife.

In 2015, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, 35, visited a local tattoo parlor and became fast friends with the owner. He disclosed that Shanna had confined in him about her tumultuous divorce from Jared Bridegan. During one of these conversations, Gardner-Fernandez allegedly inquired if the tattoo parlor owner knew anyone who could ‘shut up’ Jared Bridegan.

Bridegan and Gardner-Fernandez were in the process of divorcing. They shared custody of their twins. According to Gardner-Fernandez her ex was trying to take ‘all her money.’

Jacksonville detectives have been in contact with the tattoo owner, who spoke to other members of the media under the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, detectives are still trying to locate witnesses who might have seen a blue Ford F-150, seen near the murder scene, soon after Jared was killed.

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Jared Bridegan was returning home after he had dropped off his twin at his ex, when he pulled over the road because of a tired left in the lane. When he exit his car, he was shot several times at close range.

According to the police, nothing was stolen from the car. Detectives believe the murder was not random. His two-year-old daughter was in the car with Jared when he was shot.

‘We take it day by day, both me and my daughter.” Kirsten Bridegan, 33, said in an interview with Deseret News.

Both Jared and his ex-wife were devoted members of the Mormon church. They married in a lavish wedding, but according to reports, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez left the church, cheated on Jared, then filed for divorce.

Jared petitioned the court for full custody of their children. In legal documents, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez and Jared Bridegan argued about everything in the divorce. Jared accused his ex-wife of monitoring his home.

After Jared’s murder, Shanna retained a powerful and well-known defence attorney, Henry Coxe III.

She didn’t know allow their twins to attend their father’s funeral.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 866-845-8477. The award is $55,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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