thomas creech indentified as a killer in 50 year old cold case murder

California police announced this week that they believe Idaho death row inmate Thomas Creech was connected to a 50-year-old cold case murder. 

According to investigators, Creech fired a gun multiple times at Daniel Walker as he slept in his car. Walker’s passenger managed to escape and get help. Walker was transported to a local hospital where he later died. 

With no leads and eyewitnesses, Daniel Walker’s case remained unsolved for 50 years. 

In 2023, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reopened the cold case. After re-examining evidence, detectives were able to link Thomas Creech to the murder. 

“While working with the Ada County District Attorney’s Office in Idaho, Cold Case Detectives were able to corroborate intimate details from statements Creech made regarding Daniel’s murder,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release

thomas creech begs for clemency
Thomas Creech (Photo Credit/Idaho Statesman)

Thomas Creech is currently the longest-serving death row inmate in Idaho. He had applied for clemency, but after the recent revelations, it seems unlikely he will receive it. 

Creech legal team was not too happy with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. In a fiery press release, Creech’s attorneys said, “Sheriff Dicus says nothing in his press release about the case being closed, let alone that there is any real evidence against Mr. Creech. Instead, the Sheriff relies entirely on unspecified ‘intimate details’ supposedly provided by Mr. Creech a long time ago that are for unexplained reasons just being revealed now, decades later.” 

Creech is in prison for the killing of two people in 1974. He was given the death penalty for killing a fellow inmate. 

We will update the post with any new tips on Thomas Creech’s clemency petition. 

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By Jolene Grace

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