Interrogating Alex Murdaugh The Night Alex Murdaugh Murdered His Wife and Son

Interrogating Alex Murdaugh - The Night Maggie and Paul were murdered (Season 2 Episode 1)

About The Episode -

Alex Murdaugh, the once prominent South Carolina Lawyer can be heard calling 911 about the death and murder of his son, Paul, and wife Maggie. When police arrive, Alex is then seen on body camera frantic, and in what appears to be disbelief.  In todays episode we analyze the various statements and account of events made by Alex  during multiple interviews and interrogations.  We also discus why detectives approached the investigation in the manner they did and identify some of the first signs pointing towards deceitfulness. During the interviews and investigations, Alex makes various contradictions when speaking with law enforcement, ultimately leading him in the hot seat, as their number 1 suspect.

About The Series

For this series, we are traveling all the way to South Carolina where we discuss the horrific actions of the Murdaugh Dynasty and Richard Alexander (Alex) Murdaugh. In Hamption South Carolina, People wave at each other as they pass by. The doors left unlock. Everyone is a friend. Hamption is safe – or is it? Two Murders led to more. Accusations of backroom deals, extortion, money laundering and even murder for Hire! His crimes were fleeing rifles of whispers no one dared to speak of in public. Because in every small town, there is one family that runs the show.

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The Crime Room is a true crime podcast about how homicide detectives catch bad guys. Hosted by journalist Jolene Grace and her husband, Branden, a law enforcement supervisor, this dynamic duo investigates some of the most gruesome cold cases in the country.

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By Jolene Grace

Jolene Grace was a journalist for ten years, interning for CBS evening news, working as a beat report for Oklahoma Public radio, and eventually transitioning into managing digital content for a radio corporation. Currently, she writes crime fiction full time and blogs for the Crime Room. Jolene is fortunate enough to be able to tell the stories of those who no longer can. She’s passionate to write about cold cases being solved. You can read her blogs on or listen to The Crime Room Podcast wherever in the world you happened to be. Let’s Talk Crime.

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