The murder of Baby Jane Doe was finally solved after nearly 36 years. Maine police arrested Lee Ann Daigle, 58, the mother of the child. Using advance DNA technology and genealogy testing, officers were able to link mother and baby.

The baby’s remains were discovered on December 7, 1985 in Frenchville, Maine. A dog dug up the baby and carried the newborn to its owners. A few hours later, police uncovered the shallow grave. The site appeared to be where the baby was born and left to die in below zero temperatures.

Frenchville, Maine

“This case was the culmination of decades worth of investigative work from dozens of now retired and current detectives who never gave up finding answers and justice for Baby Jane Doe.” According to a press released.

Maine detectives arrested Daigle at her home without an accident. She was indicted in court on one count of murder.

At a press conference, law enforcement said, “It’s good to bring closure to a very tough case.”

Watch press conference on Baby Jane Doe

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By Jolene Grace

Jolene Grace was a journalist for ten years, interning for CBS evening news, working as a beat report for Oklahoma Public radio, and eventually transitioning into managing digital content for a radio corporation. Currently, she writes crime fiction full time and blogs for the Crime Room. Jolene is fortunate enough to be able to tell the stories of those who no longer can. She’s passionate to write about cold cases being solved. You can read her blogs on or listen to The Crime Room Podcast wherever in the world you happened to be. Let’s Talk Crime.

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