chase-cook-arrested-in-the-murder-of-madeline-bills, Oklahoma

Chace Cook, 20 from Oklahoma was arrested and charged in the murder and rape of honor student Madeline Bills also from Oklahoma. The district attorney is now considering the death penalty for Cook. 

Madeline Bills was a senior at Moore High School and was looking forward to playing college basketball for Northeastern Oklahoma A&M when she was found strangled and raped in her home on the morning of April 22, 2023. 

madeline bills killed by chase cook
Madeline Bills

“I want to extend my condolences to Ms. Bills’ family and friends. It is my office’s job to represent those who have been the victims of crime, and so my office will seek justice for Ms. Bills and work to honor her name,” said District Attorney Greg Mashburn in a press release published by the Norman Transcript.

Chace Cook and Madeline Bills had a previous relationship while classmates at Moore High School. At some point, they broke up with Bills telling friends she was afraid Cook would hurt her. 

Cook’s car was captured on a traffic camera a few miles from Bills’ residence on the night of her murder. In addition, police examined more video material from Bills’ home and discovered a figure jumping over the fence matching Cook. 

chase cook arrested in the murder of madeline bills
Chace Cook

During his interrogation, Cook told officers that he was out of town training to become a Navy Seal. After obtaining a search warrant for Cook’s car, police seized his phone. Upon review of his cell data — the device spelled a different story contradicting Cook’s statement. A video on his phone shows Cook having sexual intercourse with Madeline Bills who appeared to be unconscious. 

When further questioned about his whereabouts and the phone video, Cook refused to cooperate and asked for an attorney.  

Loved ones described Madeline Bills in her obituary as a bright light and a giving person. 

“She was an advocate for others, especially those that had their own challenges in life. Madeline had an uncanny ability to bring truth to light, which was astonishing for a person of her age,” her obituary said.


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By Jolene Grace

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