scott peterson might be freed from jail

This month the Los Angeles Innocent Project took on Scott Peterson as a client and left everyone wondering what new evidence they might have up their sleeves to exonerate him. Peterson was tried and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife Laci and her unborn baby two decades ago. 

In 2002, on Christmas Eve morning, Laci, eight months pregnant vanished from her Modesto, California home she shared with Scott Peterson. Her husband became the primary suspect after his blooming affair with Amber Frey was discovered. 

Up until now, very few believed Scott Peterson was innocent. How could he be? He was recorded lying to his mistress, telling her he was in Paris on a business trip when he was actually a few towns over at a vigil for his wife, 28-year-old Laci Peterson. 

bryan spitulski speaks of new evidence in scott petersons case
Bryan Spitulski

Among the few who believed cops got the wrong man for murder was Bryan Spitulski, a Modesto fire investigator. He was part of the first investigation when Laci disappeared. Spitulski claims in 2002 he investigated a burnt-out van that contained a mattress with human blood on it, less than a mile from Laci’s Modesto home. 

“This has always been one of those things that kind of… sits in the back of your head and kind of bugs you a little bit, and you kind of wonder why this didn’t happen or why it wasn’t brought up,” said Spitulski.

The now-retired Spitulski believes the evidence could be used to free Scott Peterson, though he is not sure if the blood could still be tested. 

In court papers filed with the California Supreme Court, Person’s attorneys are planning to do just that — focus their attention on the bloodied mattress and the burn-out van. 

In December 2022, Peterson’s request for a new trial was denied. We will have to wait and see if the Innocent Project will bring forth new evidence. But if they do — Scott Peterson might be going home soon. 

Listen to Scott's former Attorney

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By Jolene Grace

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