A shocking twist in the case of missing Harmony Montgomery, 5 years old, who went missing in 2019 but has never been found. A large-scale police activity involving multiple agencies was reported today at an apartment where Harmony’s father used to live.

Representatives from Manchester police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, the state attorney’s office and others were seeing unloading heavy police equipment and erecting a large privacy tent as they searched the apartment.

Later in the day, detectives removed a refrigerator with a biohazard taped around it. The refrigerator was loaded onto a truck and sent to the state lab for testing.

A representative for the state attorney’s office declined to comment on what police had found. He said “any speculation related to items being removed” was to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Regardless of police denial, plenty of people who live in the same apartment building were speculating what the latest development in the search of Harmony will yield.

One resident said that she was excited to get some justice for Harmony, who was only 5-year-old when she was reported missing. Her disappearance sparked a multi-state search, but no solid evidence was uncovered leading law enforcement to the child.

Harmony’s mother said that she was aware the police were searching her ex-husband’s home, and that she had told the police several times to look there.

Adam Montgomery is currently in jail on child abuse charges. He hasn’t been formally charged with Harmony’s disappearance. His wife, Kayla Montgomery, the child’s step-mother, is also in jail for collecting food stamps in Harmony’s name months after she went missing.

The father has a violent criminal past and was in jail on other charges when Harmony was born. The girl was removed three times from her mother’s care due to neglect. After Adam was released from jail, the court awarded him full custody of Harmony. Less than a year later, Harmony vanished. Adam failed to report her missing for several days.

Adam Montgomery

Originally, he had accused Harmony’s mother of failing to return Harmony to him. A story detectives had now debunked as a lie.

Those with information that could help investigators should contact the FBI or the local authorities at 603-203-6060.

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By Jolene Grace

Jolene Grace was a journalist for ten years, interning for CBS evening news, working as a beat report for Oklahoma Public radio, and eventually transitioning into managing digital content for a radio corporation. Currently, she writes crime fiction full time and blogs for the Crime Room. Jolene is fortunate enough to be able to tell the stories of those who no longer can. She’s passionate to write about cold cases being solved. You can read her blogs on thecrimeroom.com or listen to The Crime Room Podcast wherever in the world you happened to be. Let’s Talk Crime.

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