Law enforcement is sharing new details of their search for Kaitlin Armstrong, the yoga instructor who gunned down her boyfriend’s lover, Mo Wilson. U.S. Marshals issued a Wanted poster with information about Armstrong, requesting public’s assistance.

“The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force has learned that Kaitlin Marie Armstrong was dropped off at the Newark Liberty International Airport May 18, a day after Austin police obtained a warrant for her arrest.” The U.S. Marshals posted on Twitter.

The agency believes Armstrong is armed and dangerous. They’re asking anyone with information to call the U.S. Marshal tip line at 313-202-6458. They issued a reward in the amount of up $5,000.

Nearly a month ago, Armstrong, a yoga instructor from Austin, Texas, allegedly gunned down Mo Wilson. Armstrong had uncovered that her on and off boyfriend of three years, had been seeing Wilson.

Jilted by the affair, Armstrong supposedly drove to Wilson’s rental and shot her. A friend of Mo Wilson discovered her bleeding in the bathroom from multiple gun shot wounds.

Armstrong quickly became the sole suspect in the murder investigation after her car was caught on video surveillance, leaving Wilson’s rental. According to the seven-page-affadavit the Austin Police obtained, immediately after the murder, Armstrong was arrested on an outstanding warrant, but police had to let her go on a technically. During the police interrogation, Armstrong refused to provide an explanation as to why she drove to Wilsons. She also didn’t deny being there.

In the affidavit, detectives note “Armstrong remained very still and guarded as she spoke with Detective Connor.”

Austin Police Department Affidavit  Download

A friend of Armstrong shed some light into the complicated love triangle. According to police records, the friend, named ‘Jane’ to protect her identity, knew Armstrong was keeping an eye on Wilson. In the last few weeks before the murder, Armstrong even called Wilson and told her to stay away from her boyfriend. According to Jane, Armstrong was enraged by the affair. She told Jane she wanted to kill Wilson.

And in a final tragic twist, it appears Armstrong’s boyfriend might have bought her the gun she used to kill Mo Wilson.

Armstrong’s father has spoken to the media in support of his daughter by saying she’s innocent, but he says he doesn’t know where she could be.

Kaitlin Armstrong was last seen walking through New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. She was dropped off at the airport by someone; the police knows who but they aren’t releasing the name. Detectives believe Armstrong is trying to throw them off by pretending to be leaving New York. There are no records of Kaitlin Armstrong buying a ticket, but authorities aren’t denying that Armstrong could be using a fake ID.

U.S. Marshals updated Armstrong’s case to ‘major case status,’ meaning the agency is adding more man-power and money in their search for the suspect. During an interview with KVUE, Deputy Fillan said, “There’s a lot more people looking for her than I believe what she believes. We wanted to make it to where she always has to look over her shoulder,” He continued, “Somewhere along the way she’ll make an error, she’ll make a mistake, and we’ll be able to exploit that to where we can bring her before justice.” 

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By Jolene Grace

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